(The Girl Who Lived Twice)
Co-written with the French director Francois Villiers. Starred Julian Sands, Stephane Audran & Saeed Jaffrey.

Set in India, and shot there. The story of a young girl who appears to be a case of reincarnation. She is befriended by a young Irish priest and they journey across India tracing her previous life. The journey brings into question the young priests beliefs and puts him into conflict with his superiors.


Loosely based on the life of Eva Peron. Directed by Radley Metzger. Filmed at Yadran Studios in Zagreb starring Chistiane Kruger, Sigfried Rauch & mark Damon.


An all black thriller shot in the Lebanon. Starred Calvin Lockhart, Diana Sands. Directed by Michael Schultz.

Brian with the jazz singer and Paris club owner, Bricktop, on the set in Beirut


An adaptation of a Colin Wilson book about a modern Jack the Ripper. Paramount Pictures. Director Stuart Rosenberg.


An adaptation of a book by Pierre Salinger for Stephanie Powers company.


An adaptation of a book by Michael Farrell.

The story of a boy growing up from age 12 to 20 in Ireland in the early part of the century. He is an orphan raised, first by Catholic relatives and then by Anglo Irish protestant friends of his mother and his resolving of the conflicts resulting from this is the core of the film.
Producers Arthur Lappin & Leslie Linder.

Also …

He has written the screenplay of THE KREMLIN CONTRACT – a co-production between BBC / Paramount and The Spice Factory.

He has completed the screenplay for a major movie based on the Vatican Bank scandal in the 1970s. Title GOD’S SPY. Director; Andy Morahan.

He has completed an adaptation of a book of Second World War letters into a radio play for the BBC to be performed by Hattie Morahan.

He is at present working on a screenplay THE LAST SUPPER for Paul Guenczler of Gate Film Production of Munich to be directed by Tony Mitchell.

After that he will begin work on an original screenplay THE DOUBLE to be directed by Gavin Millar.