His four part drama series NO TEARS, (the story of Ireland’s Hepatitis C Scandal) has been screened by RTE. (Produced by Little Bird in association with Comet Films, with the support of the Irish Film Board for RTE.).  No Tears won the Golden Nymph award for Best Mini Series at the 42nd Monte Carlo Television Festival.

THE TREATY Thames – RTE. Dir Jonathon Lewis. Starred Ian Bannen, Brendan Gleeson, Tony Doyle, Barry McGovern, Julian Fellowes.  The story of the negotiations and the signing of the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 which resulted in the Irish Free State.  Phelan was given the London Irish Post Award for fostering understanding between Britain and Ireland.

MURPHY’S STROKE ITV. Dir Frank Cvitanovitch. Starred Pierce Brosnan, Niall Toibin, Tony Doyle.  Based on the celebrated “Gay Future” betting coup in which a gang of Irish punters called the Cork Mafia manipulated British betting regulations and came within a whisper of getting away with a quarter of a million pounds.  Won the Jacob’s Award in Dublin.

THE RUSSIAN SOLDIER BBC. Pro Alan Shallcross. Dir Gavin Millar. Starred Patrick Malahide, Warren Clarke, Jerome Flynn.  Winner of the Sapporo Prize at the Toyko International Festival.

  • The Times – “A brooding and deeply disturbing film directed by Gavin Millar and written by Brian Phelan. The Russian Soldier milks the growing suspicion about the power and ethics of the states deeply flawed human custodians.”
  • Telegraph – “An absorbing, atmospheric and ultimately quite chilling drama by Brian Phelan.”

KNOCKBACK BBC 2 x 90 minute films starring Pauline Collins & Derrick O’Connor. Director Piers Haggard.  Phelan won the American Cable Academy Award for the Writer of a Dramatic Special.
The story of Peter Adams the first man sentenced for murder after the abolition of the death penalty. He spent 18 years in prison, many in voluntary solitary confinement. The authorities did not how to deal with him, most especially the guards who had to control him. Before the problem was solved within three weeks by topping him. Now he could kill again and be no worse off. Out of fear they brutalized him.

CODED HOSTILE (U.K. GRANADA) TAIL SPIN (USA HBO) Granada-Home Box Office. Dir David Darlow.  Starred Michael Moriarty, Michael Murphy, Chris Sarandon, Harris Yulin.  Nominated for the American Cable Academy drama award.

His stage play HIMSELF was nominated for Best New Play at the TMA Regional Theatre Awards.